Finger Jointing & Moulding Line

Can do different material in the same time, for example, Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or solid wood cutting.
2 different production lines.
Customized large storage system.

Processing Line 1
1. Auto servo finger joint line for infeed length 1.5M x width 150mm x thickness 90mm and outfeed length 6M materials.
2. Customized large multi-layers curing zone after finger jointer.
3. Moulder infeed system feeding the materials into moulders according to the order.
4. 4 Side moulder
5. Moulder outfeed and manual checking station.

Processing Line 2
6. Timber after finger jointer fed into moulder via curing zone according to the order.
7. 4 Side moulder
8. Auto infeed system for high frequency press.
9. High Frequency press for infeed length 6M x width 1200mm x height 90mm materials.
10. Multiple rip saw to cut the material into strip type after press.
11. Manual checking and defective products removing station.

Processing Line3
12. Auto material stacking system after finger jointer for length 6M x width 150mm x height 95mm materials, stacking dimension length 6M x width 1000mm x height 1000mm.

1. Factory Size: Length x Width 62M x 57M, 3534m2
2. Infeed size: 1.5M x 150mm x 90mm
4. Up to 100 m/min
5. Plant layout can be customized according to factory size.